Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fota Wildlife Park

 Last summer my eldest sister took me to fota wildlife park, which is situated in Cork in Ireland. It's a very interesting little place, and according to Wikipedia, "Some of the animals roam freely with the visitors, such as the ring-tailed lemurs and squirrel monkeys, while larger animals, including the giraffe and bison, live in paddocks with unobtrusive barriers to allow viewing the animals in a more natural environment." I can confirm this is true. It's weird, suddenly there's a lemur beside you. I liked being there very much, and I trust that they have given the more 'large' animals enough space! 

 I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, envolving monkeys (both toy and real), train rides, taking photos with my sister's boyfriend and the obligitary treats. The day was ended with a movie -which caused my sister to prematurely fall asleep- and a pizza. One of my favourite days of last year for sure. 

 Regrettably, I only brought my older camera with me, because I didn't want to heave my big camera around. Still, I think these photos turned out reasonably well, and it shows you that having a fancy camera is far from everything!

 Keep in mind the zoom was pretty wide! Have you ever visited fota, or any place like it?

Anna x

All photos taken with the Nikon L110

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